ISecure, a market leader in CCTV Monitoring, the company’s High Technology State of the Art Control Centre is located at Kinsale Road Commercial Centre. This control centre is operated by highly trained experienced staff who are dedicated to ensuring the ultimate customer support, in addition to carrying out all tasks as may be required, in a timely and proficient manner.Monitored Alarms

ISecure focus on four main areas:

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Control Centre Monitoring is a vital component in the overall effectiveness of an intruder alarm system: Rapid response to an Alarm Activation is of paramount importance. ISecure’s direct communication links to Garda Despatch Centres facilitate instant information transfer, ensuring immediate action. Customer contact follows directly advising the nominated personnel (of the emergency) in accordance with agreed client’s instructions.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring has transformed Security levels in unsupervised areas: Remotely monitored CCTV provides early detection of an intrusion within a perimeter boundary. The iSecure Control Centre staff are immediately alerted when a violation occurs, receiving live images of events in progress. The Control Centre intervention specialists instantly alert the intruders by issuing an audible warning that they are being observed, instructing them to leave the area immediately and advising them the Gardai have been notified. Simultaneous contact is also initiated to the Gardai and Keyholders.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Automatic Fire Alarm Systems in unoccupied buildings offer limited protection unless the signals are remotely monitored: Response time is of paramount importance to minimize damage and loss in the event of fire. ISecure Control Centre Staff instantly respond to Fire Signals received, immediately contacting the relevant Fire Authorities and Building Key Holders.

Temperature – Flood – Leak Detection

Temperature, Flood and Leak Detection can be monitored by the Control Centre: Any or all of the conditions can be monitored as a stand alone or as additional signals to intruder or fire alarm monitoring systems, where applicable.

Early detection and notification of any of the above occurrences can prevent significant financial loss on product or contents and minimize building damage. In the event of system activation, the Control Centre staff will immediately implement the emergency contact procedure in accordance with agreed client’s instructions.

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