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Secure yourself this Winter

As the harshness of winter sets in, it might be worth bearing in mind a few helpful tips to help reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of crime. It is a widely known fact that during the winter burglaries increase by 25%. Don’t become a victim this winter, ensure you have taken the necessary precautions and install an intruder alarm system.

In a recent warning by Gardaí they advised all homeowners to “Take steps to protect their property.” So we thought we would be of some help and give you the facts.

  • The most common time burglaries occur is between 5pm and 11pm.
  • Over 29% of all burglars gain access through the front door.
  • While 26% opt to go through the rear windows
  • Finally 22% decided the rear door was the best way to gain access
  • 40% of all property stolen is Jewellery

According to Gardaí, “the increasing darkness in the evenings combined with lax security makes it easier for burglars.”

What can you do to increase your security?

We thought that you might use some top security tips to keep your home/business safe over this Christmas period.

  • Lock all Windows and Doors.
  • Leave a light on.
  • Ensure you have a motion sensor light outside.
  • Store keys safely and not under the flower pot as so many do.
  • Have an inventory of your valuables and avoid storing large cash sums.
  • Invest in an Intruder alarm system from a reputable NSAI approved dealer.
  • Turn your alarm on even when you’re at home. Modern systems make it easy to part set your system giving you freedom to move around inside and protection from outside intruders. Ask your installer about this.


If you do need any help securing your home/business, call a professional and Make sure they are NSAI Certified. Remember you are safer with an intruder alarm system. This security safety message was brought to you by Burgolarm Security Products Ltd.

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